Training sessions Dick Jaspers live on kozoom – Học bida 3 băng tại nhà cùng Dick Jaspers

Dịch Covid 19, các huynh đệ chắc đi quánh bida hông được, các club đều đóng cửa hết rồi. Tin vui là các huynh đệ có thể ở nhà luyện bida 3 băng cùng danh thủ Dick Jaspers, chính ông sẽ trực tiếp hướng dẩn là livestream trên Kozoom.

Nguyên văn trên trang, tại hạ trích dẫn lại bên dưới, các hạ ở nhà luyện bida 3 băng cùng danh thủ số 1 thế giới Dick Jaspers nhé.

Trích dẩn:

SINT WILLEBRORD – Would you like to witness Dick Jaspers’ training sessions live in this billiard-free era? Then, starting tomorrow, Friday, Kozoom offers you a unique opportunity to watch every move of the Dutch number one in the world in its own environment during his training sessions. The offer is intended as an extra service for Kozoom’s Premium Pass members for the entire month of April. Dick Jaspers: “I hope that many people will turn on and I will try to show some wonderful positions and shots.” The sessions are three times in a week, twice during one hour on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The initiative of Kozoom and the four-time world champion was taken in this hard period without tournaments and competitions due to the Corona crisis and is an extra service for billiards fans all over the world. The schedule has been planned to make it possible that the sessions also can be seen in Korea, Vietnam, America and other countries. In Dick Jaspers’ practice room, cameras are placed which are remotely controlled: nobody from Kozoom is present at the location during the broadcasts. Two streams are available. One main stream shows images from different cameras. The other stream is a backup of a static camera.


The title of the event, where you can watch as a ‘Big Brother’, is @Home with Dick Jaspers’. The trainings structure or interpretation is in Jaspers’ hands. The content may be slightly adjusted in response to feedback from the viewers. All suggestions and ideas are welcome.

Dick Jaspers wants to make clear that he will play the positions which he faces on the table. And if he misses, normaly he changes with the cue ball, but it’s possible as well that he will replace the balls for another attempt, like in normal training sessions.

Dick Jaspers: ”My plan is to play a game against myself. I’m sure that it will motivate me to play well, to show nice shots and solutions. And it inspires me to be sharp again in my practice. Since the German weekend on March 15 and 16, in which the matches were cancelled, I only played a few games there in Magdeburg. When I returned home, I stopped practicing, because there is no goal and everyone lives in isolation.”

The Dutch star player likes Kozoom’s initiative. ”I’m not trying to teach, and I will not play the same position ten times, because that will bore the people. I just give a little peek into my private workouts and hope it captivates viewers. Hopefully we can return to normal life soon, but that may take a while. For the time being, we will do these sessions in the month of April with an option to continue later. I’m really looking forward to it.”

The schedule of the broadcasts on Kozoom:

Monday and Friday:
Morning session: 11.00 – 12.00 Western European time
Afternoon session: 16.00 -17.00

Morning session: 11.00 – 12.00
Evening session: 19.00 – 20.00

The start is on Friday April 3.

The variety in time has been chosen to offer to follow the sessions worldwide. There are 6 one-hour sessions per week in April.

Thời gian bắt đầu học bida 3 băng là hôm nay, ngày 3 tháng 4 năm 2020

Giờ Việt Nam:

  • Thứ 2 và thứ 6:

+ Tối: lúc 18h-19h

+ Khuya: 23h-24h

  • Thứ 4:

+ Tối: lúc 18h-19h

+ Khuya (sáng thứ 5): 2h-3h sáng

Tại hạ xin chúc các huynh đệ nhiều sức khỏe nhé.

Xin các ơn các huynh đệ, chia sẽ để cả võ lâm cùng hưởng ứng nào.


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