Pool table accessory kits

Pool Table Accessory 32 Piece Kit- Billiards Balls, Cues, Stick Repair, Roman Rack, Table Brush, Table Cover, Tally Bottle by Trademark Gameroom

pool table accessory kits
Pool table accessories kit
  • HOURS OF FUN–  This complete kit includes everything needed for billiards games like 8-ball, nine-ball, Bottle Billiards, one-pocket and more! Four fashionable pool sticks are crafted with care providing balance and weight for a perfect shot every time.
  • ALL INCLUDED– This set has everything needed for table maintenance, including an 8” under-rail brush, 9” table brush, and a 109” x 66”universal cover to keep table felt clean. Also, the chalk and handy tip repair kit help to enhance cue performance.
  • DURABLE MATERIALS– This set is made of quality materials that can withstand everyday use, fantastic for billiards players of all levels. This set is great for both kids and adults from beginner to proficient, or to host your own at home pool tournament.
  • REGULATION SIZE- The Pro Series Royal Crown Billiard Ball set included are 2.25” in diameter and treated to resist fading, chipping, and cracking. The regulation 57.5” long cue sticks weigh 21 oz. each, and are polished for a unique and elegant finish.
  • PRODUCT DETAILS– Billiard balls. Table brush. Under rail brush. Standard triangle rack and diamond rack. 2-Piece Roman Rack. Tally bottle and balls. 6 cue chalks. Tip repair kit in case. Chalk holders. Cue sticks. Bridge stick. Bridge head. Table cover

Billar pool table accessorie kits

32-Piece Pool Table Accessory Kit

Trademark Gameroom brings you a premium 32-Piece Pool Table Accessory Kit that contains all the essential billiard equipment needed to play! This set has been created to fit effortlessly into your pool room and will match any classically inspired table.

  • Table and Under Rail Brush
  • Triagle, Diamond, and 2-Piece Roman Rack
  • Plastic Tally Bottle with Tally Balls
  • Tip Repair Kit with Case
  • Four Cue Sticks, One Bridge Stick and Bridge Head
  • 16 Pro Series Royal Crown Billiard Balls
  • Six Cube Cue Chalk

pool table accessory kits billiard for sale

Complete Billiards Experience

All 16-regulation sized Series Royal Crown billiard balls are included; 7 striped balls, 7 solid, one white cue ball and one black eight ball. Also included are four quality cue sticks, bridge stick, nine-ball diamond, triangle, six-cue Roman rack, under rail brush, table brush, chalk, and table cover.

Classic Game for All Ages

This Pool Table Accessory Kits is designed for all skill levels and provides entertainment for your whole family. Great for kids and adults, billiards is a classic game that people of all ages truly enjoy.

Premium Quailty Gaming Equipment

Trademark Gameroom makes the highest quality gaming equipment crafted out of the finest materials, made to last! The fashionable pool sticks are crafted with quality care to provide amble balance and weight for the perfect shot every time. The Pro Series Royal Crown Billiard Ball set included are specially treated for fade resistance, chip resistance, and crack resistance.

pool table accessory billiards kits

Product Description

Enjoy the excitement of a competitive billiards game without the pool halls or bars with this Pool Table Accessory Set 32 Piece by Trademark Gameroom.

This all-in-one set conveniently gives you everything you need to rack up the fun for this classic game, perfect for players of all ages and skill levels. Every piece in this attractive set is constructed with sturdy materials to provide hours of entertainment, without sacrificing quality for the ultimate addition to any game room!

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Trademark Games is committed to providing the consumer with the absolute best price and value on our entire line of products, which we ensure by applying a rigorous Quality Control process.

NOTE: This is an exclusive product of Trademark Gameroom and ONLY Pool Table Accessory Set 32 Piece by Trademark Gameroom are GUARANTEED to be genuine.

IMPORTANT: Avoid buying counterfeit products and transacting with unauthorized sellers. Look for our logo on the packaging for every one of our products.

pool table accessorie kits

Product Details:

  • 109” x 66” cover
  • 2.3” diameter ball set
  • 9” table brush and 8” under rail brush
  • 13” x 13” x 2.3” triangle rack and 8.3” x 12” x 2.3” diamond rack
  • 14” x 2” 2-Piece Roman Rack 6-Cue Holder
  • .88” x .88” x .88” cubes cue chalk
  • 57.5” cue sticks, bridge stick and bridge head

Billiards pool table accessory kits

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